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New Case Neck Annealing Machine


Has many new features not found on competitors models.

1) You may use one or two heat sources. Not necessary to perfectly setup two nozzles because the cartridge case spins in a stationary spindle while heating.

2) Torch tips are adjustable in height, angle, distance and vertical tilt by two clamp knobs. (No Wing Nuts) Sets up in 2 minutes from 22 Hornet to the Largest Magnum Cases. (Can be supplied for .50 Caliber)

3) Time of heating is adjustable fom 1.5 to 10.0 seconds. Precise control is supplied by micro-processor unit and 10 bit analog/digital converter. Processor has both a 'Setup' (manual) control and 'Automatic Cycle'. 

4) Table Top and Index Plate are made from aluminum and are fan cooled by a 50 Cubic Feet per Minute Fan Unit.. They will not heat up significantly during use! No plastic to bow or warp. Table acts as a heat sink to maintain hardness in the cartridge case head.

5) Index Plate is fixed and indexed by what is termed by mechanical types as a Geneva Drive. The wheel is always engaged and will not  free wheel, possibly binding and over loading motors or having to make sure of the position of the wheel before operation.

6) Small foot print. Only 10" Wide x 12" Long x 6" Tall. (Excluding Capstands)  Weighs approximately 12 pounds. Great size for portability.

7) Supplied with a built in level and (4) adjustable legs. (Unit only needs to be moderately level). The Drive Wheel thickness is 1/4" eliminating cartridge tip over.  

8) All aluminum is anodized either Black or Clear to prevent oxidation over time and has a very pleasing look. (Your friends will be impressed!)

9) Will process about 500-600 cartridges per hour. Average time is 4 seconds for heating and 2 seconds for indexing on most .308 and Magnum case sizes. (Can be progammed up to 10 seconds heating time for single torch use)

10) Lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship. Does not cover normal wear & tear. Electronics & Motors are limited to 2 years.

11) We offer a 15 day, no questions asked return guarantee on domestic orders, if ordered direct from BENCH-SOURCE. (Please contact us for details)  

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