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Our 600 yard range fearures a 150 foot long concrete firing line with 24 covered shooting benches. The benches are heavy steel construction with concrete tops that accomodate both left & right hand shooters. Each shooter will be able to sight in on a 20X20 inch square swinging steel gong. The gongs are located on top of the target berm and targets are placed just above the steel gongs at the same distance from the firing line.
The firing line faces due north with winds generally from the south & west. Morning and afternoon sun is never a problem. Wind flags are positioned down the east & west sides of the range. The range is fairly well protected on all four sides by trees and woods. Firing line and target berm are built up about 8 to 10 feet above normal grade ensuring that the sighting line to the tagets are not obscured by tall grass, humps etc. If you bring your own wind flag(s), they will likely be well below line of sight unless they extend up to 8-10 feet or more. Like every other range, we do experience mirage, but it is seldom a factor.
During the 2012 season we're planning improvements to the area just behind the firing line to double the parking area. For now, shooters will be able to place awnings etc. in the existing parking area for cleaning and such between relays. At this time we do not have enough room to facilitate awnings and parking behind the firing line berm.
Please come join us. Help launch the 2012 shooting season into the successful endeavor we hope for!
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MSSA2/PinkJohn.JPG MSSA2/Hall.JPG MSSA2/Birddog.JPG MSSA2/Dacus540x480.JPG
MSSA2/targetBerm.JPG MSSA2/TGT16.JPG MSSA2/targetBerm2.JPG MSSA2/FireLine2.JPG