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IBS 600 Yard Nationals - 2014




9428 Old Brownsville Rd. Lakeland, TN 38002



Mike Moses - 901-493-1687 / ashlinmetalworks@bellsouth.net

David Dorris - 901-262-8299 / Office: 662-895-6263 / ddorris@vertex-mfg.com

Information on Motels, Directions etc: http://bench-source.com/shoot600




Wed. Sept. 24th 12:00 Noon until 6:00 P.M. Earlier arrival is okay, but no firing before 12:00 Noon

Thursday Sept. 25th 8:05 A.M. until 6:00 P.M.



Light Gun Competition – Friday Sept. 26th. Sign in by 7:30 A.M. - Safety Meeting 7:45 A.M. – Firing

will begin 8:05 A.M.

Relays will fire in sequential order #1, #2, #3 & #4.


Heavy Gun Competition – Saturday Sept. 27th. Sign in by 7:30 A.M. - Safety Meeting 7:45 A.M. – Firing

will begin 8:05 A.M.

Relays will fire in the order of #3, #4, #1 & #2.




Pre-registration: Applications must be received by mail no later than Friday Sept. 19th.

The fee for pre-registered competition is $165.

The fee for all other registrations after this date will be $200.

Registration deadline will be 6:00 P.M. Thursday Sept. 25th.


If a competitor is delayed en route and is not pre-registered, please let us know as early as possible! We’ll make every effort to allow a late entry.


Please Note: The registration fee includes Lunch & Drinks for all competitors on both days of competition.



To Register, please fill out the attached/included Registration Form and mail to either Mike Moses or David Dorris. Fees may be paid by check or Money Order, made out to Mike Moses, M.D. (Match Director).


Mike Moses                               David Dorris

4224 Coleman Rd.                    BENCH-SOURCE

Memphis, TN 38128                PO Box #949

Olive Branch, MS 38654





With commencement of Competition, Course of Fire, Trophies, Points, Rules, Equipment and Rifles will adhere to the Current IBS Rule Book in Effect on Sept. 26th 2014. 




MSSA’s firing line will accommodate 24 shooters per relay. We anticipate, based on previous years National Events, no more than 4 relays or 96 competitors. However, we could fire a 5th relay if necessary.


Bench rotation will be utilized on both days of competition. All competitors will rotate or (shift right) by 4 benches after every pair of targets.


Competitors will begin firing on day #2 (Heavy Gun), from the same bench they finished firing from on day #1. With this scheme, all competitors will fire the full length of the firing line, ending competition on the same bench from which they started. As shown, relays will shift by 2 on the second days of competition.


Once a competitor receives their Competitor Number, it will remain the same for both days of competition. Targets will be marked with the same competitor number during all competition, regardless of which order they fire or from which bench.


For example Competitor #205, on day #1 Light Gun, will fire on Relay #2 from Bench #5 on Targets #1 & #2. Then rotate right to Bench #9 for Targets #3 & #4. They will fire Targets #5 & #6 from Bench #13 and Targets #7 & #8 from Bench #17.


On day #2 of Heavy Gun, Competitor #205 will fire after Relays #3, #4 & #1, firing Targets #1 & #2 on Bench #17. Targets #3 & #4 will be fired from Bench #21, Targets #6 & #7 will be fired from Bench #1 and the last two Targets #7 & #8 will be fired from Bench #5 where they started on day #1.


To minimize confusion, “Competitor Signs” will be place on the firing line.  




  1. All participants must be IBS members in good standing.

  2. Pre-registration is requested. However, walkup registration will be permitted for a higher match fee.   

  3. No practice or sighting in will be accommodated on match days.

  4. All light guns must be weighed prior to match day. Weight certification may be done on either one of the two practice days on Wednesday or Thursday. All light guns used in competition must bear the ‘certified emblem’ issued after weighing. All light guns may be subject to weight recertification upon completion of firing any pair of targets during the course of fire. If a competitor brings more than one light gun, please weigh each one prior to match day in case you want to swap during the match.  

  5. Firing will begin on both match days at 8:05 A.M. and a safety meeting will begin @ 7:45 A.M. All competitors must be present for the safety meeting each day in order to compete in competition.

  6. All equipment for Relay #1, on day #1, light guns and equipment should be on the benches prior to the safety meeting. On day #2 heavy gun, relay #3, all competitors should have all their guns and equipment on the benches prior to the 7:45 A.M. safety meeting.

  7. MSSA Club rules require all shooters to use eye and ear protection while firing OR on the firing line while it is “HOT”.

  8. MSSA Club rules also states ‘If firing from a bench, all rifle muzzles and/or muzzle brakes MUST EXTEND BEYOND THE LEADING EDGE OF THE BENCH BEING FIRE UPON’. All 24 Benches on the 600 Yard Firing Line are 49” Long from Front to Rear.

  9. All competitors must utilize some sort of rest feet between their rest and the top surface of the benches.

  10. All rifles should have cleared chambers and all Bolts must be removed from the action at all times. THIS INCLUDES THE PIT AREA AND THE FIRING LINE. The only time a competitor may insert their bolt into the rifle is after the “COMMENCE FIRE” during competition of that competitor. ALL BOLTS MUST BE CLEARED IMMEDIATELY AFTER FIRING YOUR RECORD ROUNDS OR IF THE “CEASE FIRE” COMMAND IS GIVEN DURING COMPETITION. Any competitor violating this rule will be DISQUALIFIED FROM COMPETITION AND FORFEIT ALL MATCH FEES.

  11. All competitors must be registered and sign an IBS/MSSA RELEASE FORM PRIOR TO FIRING any practice or sighting in.



Download Info and Registration Form